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Endobiogenic Medicine Course

Endobiogeny is a global systems approach to human biology that focuses on the activity and interactions of the neuroendocrine system as a major determinant of health, and on the therapeutic potential of modulating such activity. It achieves its effects principally with the use of herbal medicines and other non-pharmaceutical interventions. 

Endobiogeny was originally developed in France, beginning in the 1970s, by Dr Jean-Claude Lapraz and his colleague Dr Christian Duraffourd, Since the early 2000s we as founders of the Endobiogenic Medicine Society (EMS) in the UK have been studying Endobiogeny with Dr Lapraz  and with the US doctor Kamyar Hedayat, who is currently a key practitioner, researcher and expert in this discipline. Motivated by a desire to reshape healthcare, we embarked on this path that engages the intricate interconnectedness of every process within the living organism. Endobiogeny recognises the body as a remarkable natural system, constantly striving to adapt and thrive in the face of life's complexities.

Doctors, pharmacists and herbalists are now practising Endobiogeny in many countries around the world, including France, the US, the UK, Lithuania, Tunisia, South Korea and Mexico.

In 2021 we designed and led a course aimed at educating a number of fellow medical herbalists in the principles and practice of Endobiogeny. This course - which comprises 21  webinars of roughly 3 hours each - was recorded and edited, and we are now releasing it as an online programme. The programme is open to all, but is of course particularly suited to those alternative practitioners who are trained and authorised to use herbal medicines, essential oils, supplements, and nutritional approaches - namely medical herbalists, nutritional therapists and functional medicine practitioners - as well as to classically trained 

physicians. The programme also includes in-person training in endobiogenic physical examination techniques, and an overview of the Biology of Functions - a series of indexes derived from blood tests, unique to Endobiogeny, which gives practitioners a deeper understanding of the mechanisms underlying the disease process.


On completing the programme, students will be invited to take an online multiple-choice exam, success in which will allow them - subject to medical status (i.e. membership of a professional association) - to be listed as practising members on the EMS website. The course fee also includes 1 year’s free membership of the EMS, which gives students access to the members’ section of the website, as well as to two free meet-up groups per year. In addition there is the possibility, subject to availability, of case observation in clinic. And as an aid to newly qualified members, a range of endobiogenic formulae in tincture/fluid extract form will soon be available online.


Ready to explore a new way of looking at health? Enrol below and start your journey now!

Purchase Part 1, Part 2 or Full Course

  • Endobiogenic Medicine Course (Part 1)

    Seminars 1 to 10 of 22
    • A perfect start!
    • Get the required grounding
  • Endobiogenic Medicine Course (Part 2)

    Seminars 11 to 22 of 22
    • Consolidate your learning
    • Finalise your qualification
  • Endobiogenic Medicine (Full Course)

    The full suite of all 22 seminars
    • Fast track to qualification
  • Test Plan (for testing only)

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