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Endobiogenic medicine societies


Endobiogeny is a worldwide movement originating in France, and has members and practitioners in many countries, particularly France, Belgium, Lithuania, Mexico, Tunisia, the United States and the United Kingdom.



Website for the training programme for doctors in Lithuania organised by the Systems Biology Research Group and the Lithuanian Society of Endobiogeny. Contains free lectures on asthma and depression.

College of Medicine 

The College of Medicine is a UK organisation bringing together doctors and other health professionals (including complementary therapists) with patients and scientists in order to re-define what good medicine means − renewing the traditional values of service, commitment and compassion and creating a more holistic, patient-centred, preventative approach to healthcare.


College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (CPP)

The CPP is one of the main professional organisations of phytotherapists/medical herbalists in the UK, and is dedicated to establishing a sound scientific base for the practice of herbal medicine. Contains a register of qualified phytotherapists in the UK and the rest of the world.


CPP Living Library

The CPP’s information resource, where you can download articles and seminar presentations on phytotherapy/herbal medicine.

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