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Certified Endobiogenic Medicine Training Programme

The Endobiogenic Medicine Society (UK) is pleased to offer a certified endobiogenic medicine course beginning on 26 September 2021. Endobiogeny is an innovative system of medicine that centres around the role of the endocrine system as the true manager of the terrain. It uses principally plant medicines and supplements as treatment modalities. For more information on endobiogenic medicine please visit   The syllabus can be found below.


The course will be taught over a one-year period, with most of the tuition being online through Zoom. Three of the lectures will be face-to-face: these focus on physical examination. This will allow you to see the examination techniques close up as well as to practise them in preparation for the final exam.


At the end of the course there will be an online multiple-choice exam covering all aspects of the course, including examination techniques. Students who pass the exam will be registered with the EMS as certified practitioners and will have access to the Biology of Functions blood test tool. As part of the course, we will include training on how to enter the data correctly into the Biology of Functions and provide training on how to interpret the indexes and to formulate prescriptions. The Biology of Functions is a comprehensive blood analysis tool which evaluates the functional activity of hormones rather than simply measuring serum levels; it comprises over 150 indexes. We will also present case studies where you will be able to see the impact that treatment has had both on the condition of the patient and on the indexes. The course is open to anyone who has an advanced qualification in, or is a student of, any of the sciences. We welcome herbalists, homeopaths, osteopaths, nutritionists, naturopaths, nurses, doctors, etc.


The fee for the course will be £1400, payable by the 13th September 2021. There is also the option of paying for the course in 2 instalments of £750. The first instalment must be made by 13 September 2021. The second instalment of £750 must be made by 31 March 2022. We also have the option monthly instalments. If you would like to pay in this way you will need to set up a standing order for £125 each month for a 12 month period. The fee includes a one-year membership of  EMS.


Membership entitles you to the following:

  1. Discount on webinars and seminars. 

  2. Access to the members' area of the website, which contains endobiogenic seminars and slide presentations by Dr J.-C. Lapraz. 

  3. Free access to the two meet-up groups we hold every year. These are two-hour sessions where we discuss endobiogenic medicine. We encourage practitioners to bring forward complex cases where we can offer assistance from an endobiogenic perspective. Questions are welcome on plant medicines and treatment etc. 

  4. Access (for students who have passed the exam) to the Biology of Functions blood test tool. Please note that there is a fee to use the service, which is payable to the provider, not to EMS. This fee is passed onto the patient as part of the blood test package. This will be discussed in detail in the course.


If you would like to sign up for the course, please email our Secretary (Sophia Forrester) at in order to secure a place.



EMS programme 2021/22


Taught by Colin Nicholls and Paul Michael

Seminars times: 11 am to 2 pm

  1. Introduction 26/9/21

  2. Drainage 10/10/21

  3. Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) 24/10/21

  4. Physical exam of ANS/organs of drainage (live session) 7/11/21

  5. Endocrine system 1 21/11/21

  6. Endocrine system 2 5/12/21

  7. Physical exam of endocrine system (live session) 19/12/21

  8. Introduction to Biology of Functions 9/1/22

  9. Clinical aromatherapy 23/1/22

  10. Intestinal flora and dysbiosis 6/2/22

  11. Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency / Digestive disorders case studies 20/2/22

  12. Infectious pathology: ENT 6/3/22

  13. Asthma   20/3/22

  14. Premenstrual syndrome 3/4/22

  15. Cystitis 24/4/22

  16. Insomnia 8/5/22

  17. Skin disorders: acne 22/5/22

  18. Skin disorders: psoriasis 5/6/22

  19. Skin disorders: eczema 19/6/22

  20. Green clay 3/7/22

  21. Physical exam review (webinar) 17/7/22

  22. Physical exam review (live session) 11/9/22

  23. Biology of Functions: practical session (online) 25/9/22

  24. Biology of Functions: review 9/10/22

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